If you are considering LASIK Surgery in Charleston, then you should be aware of some important facts.


LASIK is a major decision for any individual. Our site provides general information about LASIK Surgery, procedures, costs, eligibility and more. As you research LASIK and other vision correction options, utilize the FDA LASIK Checklist to help determine what questions you should be ready to ask your doctor. Browse our laser eye surgery and vision related articles below as part of your ongoing research to determine if LASIK is for you.
What You Should Know About LASIK:

  • How LASIK Works: What happens before, during and after surgery.
  • How To Choose a Surgeon — tough questions to ask the doctor.
  • What Does LASIK Surgery Cost? Check the current average LASIK prices.
  • LASIK Eye Surgery Results: Are you likely to have perfect vision after LASIK?
  • Dry Eyes and LASIK: You may still be a candidate.
  • LASIK Surgery Risks and Complications — and how to avoid them.
  • LASIK Enhancement: Do you need an additional surgery?
  • LASIK Financing: Learn how you can afford LASIK surgery.
  • Which Laser Is Best? Read a review of all current LASIK lasers.

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